Customer Support

Below you can find some of the most commonly asked questions so that you can get help faster.


How is my invoice sent?

We send the invoice to the email address you provided when you made the purchases. Since the invoice is sent to you when your order is shipped, it might take a few days until your receive your invoice.

You can always find your invoice by logging in to MyAfterPay.

I haven't received my invoice, what do I do?

When your order is shipped, we send the invoice to the email address you used when you made a purchase. You can also find all your invoices by logging in to MyAfterPay. If you have trouble finding your invoice, contact our customer service on 030 7623 9239 or and they will help you.

Can I change the due date on my invoice?

Yes, if you need more time to pay your invoice you can use our Snooze function in MyAfterPay. You can choose to prolong your due date with 7 days for free or 21 days for a fee of 2,50 EUR. Log in to MyAfterPay if you want to Snooze your invoice.


I received a reminder but I have paid my invoice, why?

The reminder might have been sent because you were late with your payment or used the wrong payment details. Check which date you made the payment and what account and reference number you used.

If you know that you have already paid, but your payment is still not registered on your invoice, please contact customer service on 030 7623 9239 or email and they will help you.

Tip! You can easily pay your invoices and schedule payments to be withdrawn on due date in MyAfterPay. This way you will never a miss a payment.

What options do I have to pay my invoice?

When you log in to MyAfterPay you will find different methods of paying your invoice.

Direct Debit (Lastschrift) - Pay your invoice by using our direct payment function in MyAfterPay. This is our quickest and easiest way to automatically settle your payment with the correct payment details and to ensure a quick allocation of your payment. Currently you can pay by SEPA direct debit. Simply enter your IBAN once in MyAfterPay and you will be then able to use it for future payments "with one click". You can also choose the payment date.

Bank transfer – You can easily pay the invoice directly by bank transfer. In order to be able to allocate your payment to the right invoice, we ask you to use the payment information stated at the end of the payment email we sent you.

Delivery and Returns

I haven't received my order yet, why have you sent me an invoice?

Your invoice is sent to your email when your order is shipped, and that’s why it might reach you before the delivery of your package. If you have not received your order within a few days, please contact the webstore you purchased at. If your delivery is delayed, please contact customer service at 030 7623 9239 or email us and we can help you move the due date.

What happens to my invoice if I return my order?

Of course you shouldn't pay for something that you have returned.

Contact the webstore that you ordered from and follow their instructions for how to make a return.

You can then log in to MyAfterPay and report that you have made a return to us. We will then pause your invoice and update the amount to pay.

MyAfterPay and Login

How do I log in/register for MyAfterPay?

Click "Create account" on and you will be asked to enter your email address. Please note that it is only possible to register with the e-mail address that you used when you made a purchase with AfterPay. After clicking on "Register" you will receive an e-mail asking you to confirm your registration and set a password for your MyAfterPay account. In the future, you will be able to access your MyAfterPay account at any time using your e-mail address and this password.