The AfterPay Consumer Terms & Conditions contain Terms & Conditions for all AfterPay Payment Options. The contracting party is AfterPay, with the company name Gothia Oy, 1730113-3, PL 414, 00101 Helsinki.

  • AfterPay Invoice Options
    • 14-day Invoice
    • Campaign Invoice
    • Consolidated Invoice
  • AfterPay Part Payment Options
    • Fixed Installments
    • Flex Payment

I Terms & Conditions for AfterPay Invoice Options

1. Who can pay with AfterPay Invoice Options?

You must be 18 years old, have a Finnish ID number and a Finnish address entered in the Population Registry Centre. This address cannot be a PO box address. By choosing AfterPay, you consent to Arvato Finance obtaining details of your credit history. Payment with AfterPay is conditional on a satisfactory credit check. If the invoice is not paid, you consent to your credit details being passed to Gothia Oy. Arvato Finance may transfer and/or pledge the debt.

2. Why do you credit-check me?

Unfortunately, there are people who abuse the right to buy on credit and have no intention of paying for the goods they receive. A credit check reveals your creditworthiness and any recorded late payment notices.

3. What does it cost?

The only cost you may be billed for when you shop with AfterPay could be an invoicing fee charged by the web shop.

4. Late payment?

If the minimum amount due is not paid by the due date, you will be required to pay a default interest for the time between the due date and the moment the payment has been made, as specified in the Interest Act. A reminder charge of five (5) euros per reminder will be charged.

5. Communication

AfterPay will send invoices and information to you by e-mail to the address you submitted when you selected AfterPay. All information is also available on MyAfterPay service. Login instructions for MyAfterPay service will be sent to your email address. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have provided a valid e-mail address so AfterPay can communicate with you at all times. AfterPay always reserves the right to send information to your address from the Population Registry Centre.

II Contractual Terms & Conditions for AfterPay Part Payment Options

1. What is AfterPay Flex Payment?

With AfterPay Flex Payment, you can opt to gather all your purchases with AfterPay into one monthly invoice. The minimum amount to be paid will be shown on the monthly invoice. You can pay off your balance whenever you like without incurring any further costs.

2. What is AfterPay Fixed Installment?

With AfterPay Fixed Installment, you can split the amount over a specified number of months. You can then pay a fixed amount per month until the whole amount has been paid off. You can pay off your balance whenever you like without incurring any further costs.

3. How can I pay for my purchases with credit?

You can apply for an AfterPay Flex Payment or Fixed Instalments plan for purchases over 50 euros, provided that you are 18 years of age or older. In addition, you must have a Finnish social security number, a clean credit history and an official address (other than poste restante).

4. Applying for an AfterPay Flex Payment and AfterPay Fixed Payment

Applications for credit within AfterPay’s part payment options may be made either via the (1) the Merchants digital touch points or via (2) MyAfterPay.

  1. Following a purchase, an invoice will be distributed digitally, or by post, to the consumer. On the invoice the consumer will receive a link to the MyAfterPay digital touch point with the call to action to sign the credit agreement.
  2. The choice of a part payment done within MyAfterPay, after previously having selected an invoice solution at checkout, triggers the signing of the credit agreement directly.

5. Credit assessment and approval of credit

To receive credit it is required that the consumer submits all requested information and then gives approval of the contractual terms and conditions. If this does not happen then an invoice will be generated informing that the amount shall be paid in full.

The consumer has the option to submit information and approve the contractual terms and conditions for the AfterPay Part Payment options via MyAfterPay up until the time when the invoice is transferred to debt collection.

In connection with an application for credit, AfterPay performs a credit assessment whereby AfterPay assesses whether the consumer has the economic capability to fulfill the payment obligation.

The credit assessment is based on information regarding the consumer that AfterPay obtains from credit information agencies as well as the information provided in the consumer’s application and information AfterPay already might possess.

If the consumer does not meet the minimum requirements for receiving a credit or if the payment capability does not exist then notification will be given that the credit application has been rejected.

6. How much do the AfterPay Part Payment Options cost?

You must pay service fees and interest on the credit. The service fee is monthly account management fee.

The AfterPay Flex Payment monthly account management fee is 2.90€. The annual account interest rate is 19.50%.

The AfterPay Fixed Instalments monthly account management fee is 2.90€. The annual interest rate is 19.50%.

The annual interest rate (APR) for both AfterPay Part Payment options is dependent on the outstanding total balance at any given time. When calculating the APR, the credit fees to be paid by the customer, i.e. the credit interest and monthly account management fee (2.90 €) must be taken into consideration.

Example: If the payment period is 12 months, the APR for 1,000.00 euros in credit is 28.73%. In this case, the total amount due is 1,143.55 euros, which of 143.55 euros are the credit costs.

The credit given within the AfterPay Flex Payment is repaid in monthly instalments, which include the interest on the unpaid balance, amortization of the balance and the account management fee. The minimum amount due is determined based on the total amount of outstanding total balance:

Outstanding balance Minimum amortisation
50 € - 100 € 10 €
101 € – 150 € 15 €
151 € – 200 € 20 €
201 € – 250 € 25 €
251 € - 300 € 30 €
301 € - 350 € 35 €

With AfterPay’s Fixed Instalments, the credit balance is paid in equal instalments. If desired, you may pay more than the minimum amount due or pay the total credit amount in advance without incurring any additional charges.

7. Instalment-free month

The customer is entitled to 2 instalment-free, or grace months, in a calendar year (12 months). In order to be eligible for grace months, the customer is required to have paid at least the minimum amount due for 4 months preceding a given grace month and the customer must notify AfterPay customer service of their intention to use a grace month at least two weeks before it begins.

8. Right of withdrawal

You are entitled to withdraw from a credit agreement by notifying AfterPay customer service of your intent in writing within 14 days of paying the first instalment. All withdrawal notifications must be in writing and sent to the creditor's address. The notification must be specified, containing at least the customer's name and personal identity code, the customer number shown on the invoice and the date and customer signature.

We reserve the right to charge credit interest for the time during which the credit was available as compensation for termination of the credit agreement. We also reserve the right to receive compensation for the fees we are required to pay to government authorities in connection with the making of a credit agreement, and any instalments already paid shall not be refunded in the event of withdrawal from the agreement. If you do not immediately repay AfterPay customer service any funds you received by virtue of the credit agreement and pay the above-mentioned compensation within 30 days of sending the withdrawal notification, your withdrawal from the credit agreement will be voided.

However, there is no right of withdrawal if: the existing agreement involves any transactions conducted at a distance; the agreement has been concluded at your express request prior to expiration of the withdrawal period; or transactions are related to amendments made to the agreement.

9. Special grounds for demanding early repayment

If your payment is at least one month in arrears and remains unpaid, we reserve the right to demand early repayment of the credit, including interest and payable fees, if the amount of the arrears is at least ten (10) per cent or, in cases involving more than one instalment, at least five (5) per cent of the original credit amount or the entire outstanding balance. The credit shall default within four (4) weeks, or if you have already received a payment reminder, within two weeks of receiving the demand for early repayment, unless you pay the outstanding amount within the given time period. We reserve the right to demand repayment of the credit, regardless of the amount of the payment in arrears, if said payment is at least six (6) months late and remains essentially unpaid.

We shall not demand early repayment of the credit if a payment is late due to illness, unemployment or other similar circumstances beyond your control, unless it would be unreasonable of us, taking the duration of the delay and other circumstances into consideration. You must immediately inform customer service of any such obstacles to meeting your obligations.

If you have provided us with misleading information, which may have contributed to the granting of credit or affected its terms and conditions, or if you have fundamentally violated the agreement in some other way, we reserve the right to demand early repayment of the entire remaining credit, including interest and other fees, within four (4) weeks of sending you the demand for early repayment. If you were previously informed of a violation of the agreement, the deadline for payment is two (2) weeks.

We reserve the right to demand early repayment of the credit in cases involving death, bankruptcy or when a district court has issued a decision on initiating debt restructuring proceedings.

10. Default interest

If the minimum amount due is not paid by the due date, you will be required to pay a default interest for the time between the due date and the moment the payment has been made, as specified in the Interest Act. A reminder charge of five (5) euros per reminder will be charged.

11. Registration of a default on payment

We reserve the right to notify the credit information register of your default in payment if a payment is at least 60 days late from the original due date and at least 21 days have passed since you were sent a payment reminder, in which you were reminded of the possible entry of the payment default in the credit information register.

12. Processing of information

We comply with the provisions set forth in the Personal Data Act whenever processing your information.

13. Liability for damages

We are only obligated to compensate for direct damages caused by our own negligence. In such cases, we will only pay for compensation on interest losses incurred and the necessary and reasonable costs arising from investigating the damage. If you fail to take reasonable measures to limit your damages, you will be liable for the damages to this extent. We are not liable for any indirect damages caused.

14. Personal data

The protection of your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. AfterPay processes personal data in order to confirm your identity, assess on which payment option to offer you, administrate the customer relationship, to prevent abuse or misuse of AfterPay, to conduct customer and risk analysis and risk management, for the prevention of money laundering, and to comply with general legal requirements. Personal data is information that can be directly or indirectly linked to you.

Below are examples of personal data that AfterPay may process:

  1. Contact information – name, address, date of birth, Social security number, email address, telephone number, etc.
  2. Payment information – invoice information, bank account number etc.
  3. Financial information – your income, potential credit commitments, negative payment history
  4. Information on goods/services – details about the items you purchase
  5. Historical information – your purchase, payment and credit acceptance history

We reuse the data you previously provided to us and we may share your information with credit reference agencies and providers of identity lookups and anti-money laundering screening companies, for the purpose of assessing your credit score and risk assessment upon applying for one of our payment methods, and for confirming your identity and address information.  

If you have used AfterPay´s services previously, there might be information stored about you, e.g. for customer administration, documentation requirements or similar approved purposes. Where available AfterPay will use such information to confirm your identity and simplify your use of AfterPay. AfterPay may use electronic communication (through for example text messages and e-mail) in contacts with you. You are entitled to request access to data, edit incorrect data relating to you or inform us that you no longer wish to have your personal data stored. The request shall be sent to

Data may also be provided to the merchant from which you made your purchase (for administrative purposes) and to authorities and other governing bodies if AfterPay is legally required to do so. AfterPay may also share your personal data with other companies within the Arvato Financial Solutions group. Gothia Oy is the data controller for the processing of your personal data. Please see AfterPay´s Privacy Statement for AfterPay´s full description of AfterPay´s processing of personal data.

15. Cookies

AfterPay uses cookies. Cookies are small files that are temporarily placed on your hard drive. They are used only to obtain information on the use of AfterPay’s digital touch points, such as and AfterPay’s websites. This makes it possible to recognize your computer automatically the next time you view interact with AfterPay. However, cookies contain no personal data, so the protection of your private sphere is ensured. Depending on your settings, your Internet browser may automatically accept cookies. However, you may also change your browser settings at any time and use AfterPay’s websites without cookies, the usability of those might then be limited.

16. Transfer

AfterPay retains the right to transfer or pledge the agreement to another party without the consent of the Credit Receiver. The Credit Receiver is not entitled to transfer the credit to another party without written permission from AfterPay.

17. Transfer of the agreement

We reserve the right to transfer this agreement, with all its rights and obligations, to a third party designated by us, which will also have the right of further transfer, without the consent of the Credit Receiver.

18. Communication of the terms and conditions of the agreement during the agreement period

The terms and conditions of the agreement can be read in the MyAfterPay portal.

19. Right to bring disputes before the Consumer Disputes Board

If the contracting partiesare unable to reach an agreement on a matter pertaining to the credit agreement through negotiations, you may bring the matter before the Consumer Disputes Board. The Consumer Disputes Board is only authorized to issue a recommendation on the matter. For more details, visit

You can print the Standard European Consumer Credit Information here.